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   Synthesis Schemes
Drug Name
Description of the Scheme
By reaction of taurinamide (I) with formaldehyde (II) in water.
Route of the Synthesis
Synthesisi Route of Taurolidine;Taurolin
2-amino-1-ethanesulfonamide (I)
    Pfirrmann, R.W. (Geistlich); Perhydro-1,2,4-thiadiazine-dioxydes-(1,1) et procédé pour leur préparation. DE 1545912; FR 1458701; FR 4914M; GB 1124185; US 3423408 .
    Prous, J.; Castaner, J.; TAUROLIDINE < Rec INN; BAN >. Drugs Fut 1989, 14, 3, 237.
          Other Synthesis Schemes of the Drug
No Other Synthesis Scheme!

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