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  1. If you're desperate to go home, why wait till April? As mentioned already, any flights you see on any airline's website for more than 2-3 weeks from now are just planned flights with no actual permits yet. If you want to buy a ticket for a flight that has low probability of being cancelled, you should buy a ticket not longer than a week before departure date. It's still not 100% sure, but much better chance than buying 2 months in advance. I recommend using a reputable travel agent as you have better chance of getting your money (or most of it) back incase the flight get cancelled. I'm n
  2. In my experience the official valuation of condo units is about 10-15% lower than actual market prices. As for plots of land - they evaluate only the land not what's on it. For example - if there are 2 plots one next to the other, same size, 1 has a mature plantation and the other 1 has nothing on it - the official valuation will be the same, however the market price for the plantation will be higher. As for how current the valuation is, I'm not sure if it's the same all over Thailand, but at least in some areas they issue new valuation once every 5 years
  3. No need for a lawyer. This is public information. All you need is a copy of the title deed (the serial number is good enough) and they'll calculate the value of the land. The valuation is not per the whole plot. It goes by sqr wa. For example: if the plot is 200x100 meters, and the 100m side is along a road - the first few meters into the land are valuation at a higher rate. You can also ask to see the valuation booklet and copy it. You'll see that there are different zones with different price valuation
  4. From the op: The Public Health Ministry issued a statement on Tuesday saying all arrivals to Thailand will have to undergo the mandatory 14-day quarantine even if they have been vaccinated. Does that help you feel better now?
  5. Bs. I personally know of a mother of 4 kids who did a runner on her Thai husband to go with a Thai lover. She took all 4 kids with her
  6. If you're nervous about it, don't do it. As for the amazing leaders - most amazing leaders around the world have made illogical decisions throughout 2020, and seems they're planning to continue in 2021...
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